What are the plans?

Although it doesnt look like much, the land is in far better shape now, then it was when SWVCF procured it. Pictured to the right is an arial view of the plans the wonderful architects and urban planners of ReThink have designed for us. The larger of the two buildings (the brewery) is in bad shape, while the smaller of the two (the stables) is better off. Renovation plans include converting the stables into our new church building. As far as the brewery, the sky is the limit. We have had organizations bring us their desires to see it become everything from a local education center to a historical rebuild of the original brewery.


*** Click here to see the Business journal's recent article about our property ***

The old Falk brewery

Some years ago, Straightway was presented with an opportunity. From the early days of the Church's foundation, the Lord has spoken many words regarding the valley, A lowered, industrial section of the city that divides Milwaukee (one of the USA's most segregated cities) in half. SWVCF leadership has always felt a strong sense that Jesus was calling the ministry to plant its headquarters in this valley, acting as a spiritual bridge between the segregated sections of Milwaukee. After much prayer and waiting, the old Falk Brewery, a large plot of land upon which the several buildings of the old beer-producing company reside, became available for sale. Despite lacking the needed funds for such a purpose, the Lord provided and SWVCF now owns the land, the buildings, and the potential that is our land in the valley.

Recent News

The Business Journal recently featured us in an article that has already brought more attention to our efforts. Check it out


We recently received a raze order from the city for the larger of our two buildings. The old falk brewery is one of the oldest standing breweries in wisconsin and as such, SWVCF has appealed to the city to place the land under a historical landmark designation. This would protect the buildings from demolition and allow the Church more time to plan and garner funds for the restoration. Many partners and interested parties have stepped forward to help in this endevor and we are confident that Jesus will have His way in all things.

Architectual Drawings

Inital Plans | Final Presentation

What to pray for

  • That the Lord would move the heart of city officals to grant the historical landmark designation
  • That Jesus would reveal what He would have us do with the land and its buildings
  • The financial means to renovate the property would flow