Ok, listen. This is like... our website. Its not yours, its ours. Its private. Like, its our private site. So dont use any of it, seriously. It took me like... weeks of futzing with code and pictures and silly junk that is all jacked up because one letter of one line was in the wrong place and because I am just some doof making a website from mini-tutorials on google. It takes at least five hot pockets and three red bulls to get to the source of a problem...ok, that wasnt true, cause I dont eat hot pockets. They're gross and I always feel like my sweat is a little bit greasy after eating them. My point is, this site took me forever to freakin' get together and if you just use it for your own uses and just like totally steal stuff off of it cause YOU DONT HAVE THE PATIENCE TO FIGURE OUT STUFF ON YOUR OWN I SWEAR I WILL SHOW UP AT YOUR DOOR AND... ok wait. Im getting emotional. Let me start over.

Please dont use anything on this site. Its private. Seriously, guys. P-R-I-V-A-T-E. If you use it, we might call you and ask you to take it down. If you dont take it down, we probably wont do anything about it since we're a poor, non-profit church and we stole most of the content of this site from other sites anyway, but still. Have a heart. I will be sad if... no I wont. Um... I guess thats it.

Ok, I thought more about it. I dont really care if you use any of this. Just dont eat hotpockets. Honestly, they're bad for you and you can do better. Use what you want on the site. We dont really care. I should really probably just take this policy page down, but there is something to be said for the hotpocket public service announcement, so I'll leave it up.

The Webmaster General